Tooth Crown Cost

Tooth Crown Cost

If you have finally decided on getting that tooth crown to restore your tooth and bring back the beauty of your smile, then you should know what the tooth crown cost.

Read along to find out where to find the most affordable tooth crown cost in Sydney!

The price for a tooth crown depends on several factors. Such include the equipment involved in the process and the material you select for your dental crown.

The usual materials that are used to fabricate crowns are golds, metal, porcelains, and ceramics.

The location of the tooth to be restored can also affect the cost. For a tooth that is visible when you smile such as the front teeth, then porcelain material is recommended for its top-tier aesthetics.

Tooth Crown Cost

But for teeth on the back such as for molars, consider a material with excellent strength such as metals and golds.

Tooth Crown Cost in Sydney

Dental clinics in Sydney vary in their prices for crowns teeth but the usual range is $1,800 – $2,300 per tooth. This depends on the material you choose for your crown.

Most dental crowns require at least a 2 – 4 appointment treatment due to lab manufacturing which can also be quite inconvenient for many busy patients. Because of these factors, you should select a highly reputable clinic with a partner dental laboratory that guarantees quality restorations.

How Much Does a Crown Cost at Sydney Dental Veneer?

Did you know that our clinic offers one of the most affordable dental crowns in Sydney? Our tooth crown cost starts at $1,650 per tooth!

Aside from that, we offer great year-round promos and flexible payment terms to help you with the treatment cost.

Here are some of the dental crowns special we offer:

  • Ceramic Crown (Ivoclar Vivadent) – $1,650 done in 1 – 2 appointments
  • Zirconia Ceramic Crown – $1,795 done in 2 appointments
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal – $1,795 done in 2 appointments

We also offer our Single-Visit Dental Crown! By its name, our Sydney dentist can complete your treatment in just one day.

Using our in-house CAD/CAM technology, we prepare your tooth, scan your mouth, design your crown, and mill the final restoration in just a few hours. The price starts at $1,650 with a lifetime warranty of 5 years.

Visit our dental clinic Sydney here at Sydney Dental Veneer today for dental crowns of the highest quality and precision in fabrication for a cost that is much cheaper than other clinics!

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