Dental Crown

4 Reasons to Get a Dental Crown

A dental crown is made of metal, gold, porcelain, or ceramic material and it is essentially a “tooth cap” that is placed on top of a tooth to cover its entirety. It restores the size, shape, and colour of your tooth to improve its appearance.

So what may be the reason why someone would get a dental crown? Or why would your gentle dentist recommend that you get your tooth covered with a dental crown? Let’s explore the possible reasons!

  • Treats large decay or fracture to prevent extraction

When a tooth has extensive decay or damage, it is weaker and more prone to crumbling. To hold the remaining parts of the tooth together, a tooth crown is recommended. It will cover the fragile tooth and prevent it from further damage which can lead to possible tooth extraction.

  • Protects a weak root canal treated tooth

Root canal therapy is often needed for teeth with severe decay resulting in a dental infection. The process requires exposing the canals of the teeth and that involves drilling the tooth for easy access to the canals so they can be medicated.

Dental Crown

This will eliminate and prevent infection. Because of this, the tooth loses its structural integrity and is more fragile. To keep it intact, crowns teeth are placed over a root canal treated tooth.

  • Covers a dental implant

A dental implant is a tooth replacement system. To complete the treatment of a single unit implant, a crown is placed to cover the dental implant. The crown will be the part visible when you smile.

  • Restores your smile

Whether it is for a decayed tooth, root canal treated tooth, or dental implant, a dental crown is made to complete your smile. Because imagine a damaged tooth showing up when you smile or a dental implant filling the space from missing teeth?

It will stick out and it is not for good reasons. So to enhance your smile and make you feel more confident and beautiful, flaunting it off, dental crowns are recommended.

At Sydney Dental Veneer, we have several options available for your dental crown treatment. To know more about dental crowns specials and how we can help you with your smile, schedule your appointment today!

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