Crowns Teeth

Benefits of Getting Crowns Teeth

To best describe dental crowns, they are the perfect in-between treatment for dental fillings and tooth extraction. If you have a tooth that has a large decay and dental fillings will no longer suffice to keep the tooth intact, then crowns teeth are recommended.

It gives your tooth a second life instead of having to resort to tooth extraction and dealing with the consequences that come from a missing tooth.

Aside from that, a dental crown restores your tooth and completes your smile. Imagine you have a tooth that is broken down to a considerable state.

That would look extremely unsightly especially if it is visible when you smile or laugh. Also, most severely damaged teeth can cause dental infection and this can worsen the problem.

Crowns Teeth

To prevent these, you can opt to have a tooth crown. The crown will be customised to the likeness of your other natural teeth and it will be capped over the damaged tooth to restore its function and beauty. If you have a dental infection from the decayed tooth, your dentist will first do a root canal treatment. Then a crown will be placed over the tooth to allow it to enhance its structural and aesthetic properties.

A crowns teeth can also help with filling the gap due to a missing tooth using dental implants. A dental implant system is composed of a titanium pole and a tooth replacement attachment.

For a single unit of missing tooth, a titanium pole is surgically embedded into the jawbone, then a crown is used as the tooth replacement. Without the crown, the metal pole is visible when you smile.

And lastly, because the tooth is kept in place and only restored with a dental crown, you avoid having to deal with the extensive and expensive work that comes with a missing tooth. This makes crowns teeth a more cost-effective approach when it comes to the treatment of a tooth with extensive decay or damage.

Keep in mind that dental treatments are not expensive. Neglect is. If you leave decay untreated, you miss out on the most conservative and affordable dental fillings as treatment.

So you have to go for dental crowns which are more expensive than fillings. And then, if you still avoid getting that fixed by your Sydney dentist, you risk having to go through more costly dental work.

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