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Our Composite Veneer Process

Composite veneers are a highly regarded option to make aesthetic changes to the teeth to resolve gappiness, discolouration and chipping. After an initial discovery session with your cosmetic dentist, we will take a digital scan and impression of your teeth and start designing your composite restorations.

Through the composite veneer process, your cosmetic dentist will design your veneers to be sound aesthetically and functionally. We always start the journey with an in-depth smile discovery session to assess your concerns and ensure that composite veneers are right for you.

After inserting over 10,000 composite veneers, we pride ourselves on delivering consistently beautiful smile outcomes for our patients. Typically composite veneers are completed in a single appointment following a consultation.

Creating Beautiful Smiles

Composite veneers offer a cost effective alternative to cosmetically improve your smile. This procedure can usually be done within one appointment, saving time for those of us with busy lives. In a lot of situations, composite veneers help align crooked teeth, cover discolouration as well as restoring chipped or damaged teeth.

The composite veneers cost is known as the cheaper alternative for patients who are looking for affordable dental veneer procedure. The Composite Veneers here at Sydney Dental Veneers has interest free payment plan from $30/week

Compare this to porcelain and you will see marginal gap between their pricing.

  • Composite veneers typically last between 5 to 7 years.
  • Cheaper
    • Although composite veneers are cheaper, regular maintenance may be required.
  • Small chipping, slight staining or wear of the material can occur but can be easily repaired.
  • Can be altered or changed relatively easy.
Some of our younger clients choose composite veneers as a springboard to porcelain veneers in the future. Due to their cost effectiveness and nature of the material, some of our patients are comforted by the fact that they can be altered or changed relatively easily, or can be changed to porcelain veneers in the future.

Here at Sydney Dental Veneers, we do Teeth Bonding as well. It’s similar to composite veneer and quoted at $650 but could be less depending on tooth condition. It’s easily turning into a composite veneer case.

For Composite veneers treatment generally requires 3-4 visits. The length of appointment time varies pending on the number of veneers to be treated.

Appointments are consultation (30mins), mock up (30mins), composite veneer appointment (2-3 hours), and review (30mins)

Those who are looking for veneers in Sydney may want to weigh the decisions carefully to avoid wasting money and regretting their decision in the future. As mentioned earlier, composite veneers offer its fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

What’s important however, is that you discuss this with your dentist beforehand as you work hand in hand together in looking for veneers that is able to suit your preference and needs. This in turn allows for a smooth sailing procedure once you decide to get composite veneers.

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