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Porcelain Veneers Cost in SydneyPorcelain veneers are thin custom made shell fabricated by ceramic porcelain material. These thin laminates known as porcelain veneer are part of the indirect restorative treatment in cosmetic dentistry. Australian porcelain veneers are fabricated in dental laboratories, where the porcelain ceramic material is a lot stronger than composite veneers. The material itself has a wide range of different shades, providing an out of reach whiteness that teeth whitening or even composite veneer can’t achieve.

Porcelain veneers cost in Sydney Australia can be very high. The cost of veneers for other dental practices will typically charge $2,000+ per tooth and some even try to justify their high prices by claiming their porcelain veneers are more natural looking. The natural looking does not only comes from the quality material, latest technology, talent design by the dentist but also the artistic eyes and creative hands of the cosmetic dentist. Here at Sydney Dental Veneers, our Porcelain Veneers has interest free payment plan from $57/week.

Our patient's beautiful smiles speak itself, if you follow our Instagram and Facebook page, you will be amazed by the gorgeous smiles we have created for thousands of our patients, from celebrity, to bride, grooms, young professional, mums and dads. Our popularity is coming from mouth to mouth referral, and affordable prices.

At Sydney Dental Veneers, porcelain veneers price has interest free payment plan from $57/week. . Patient’s common smile line only reaches to the front 6 teeth, hence 6 porcelain veneer is normally enough. If however your smile line is wider and reaches to your premolars, 8 porcelain veneer is highly recommended. It is always best to come in for a dental consultation with one of our Sydney dentists at Sydney Dental Veneers to discuss and provide you a proper treatment plan.

Veneers payment plan is available. You can apply for a payment plan with Zip money or National Dental Plan.

Other than providing a super white facade, porcelain veneer is another option for closing gaps and enhancing the shape for the patient’s teeth. To create a more realistic look, porcelain veneers can also be stained or characterised. This is usually done if a patient is receiving one veneer and would like it to match the neighbouring teeth. To colour match and characterised enhance on one porcelain veneer is more time consuming. Therefore the cost for one porcelain veneer Sydney is generally more expensive than a patient who decides to get their whole mouth done.

To start the porcelain veneer appointments at Sydney Dental Veneers, an initial consultation appointment will be conducted to examine your teeth and discuss your option. Our dentist takes general oral hygiene as important as their cosmetic work and believes you need good oral hygiene before starting any major work. A good oral hygiene is the foundation for your teeth and maintaining this good oral hygiene after the treatment will help prolong the lifespan for your porcelain veneers. Veneer consultation fee is $100, which includes an OPG to view an overall snapshot of your jaw and teeth. For Dr Mark Nieh, our principal dentist his fee is $250. This will include a mock up for suitable cases, OPG and a digital impression for the digital smile design.
After the initial consultation appointment, 3 follow up appointments will be made by our friendly front desk staff. They will schedule the appointments for the teeth preparation, teeth cementation and a final review. For the first treatment appointment, teeth preparation is performed where tooth reduction is necessary for the best result. The patient will leave the appointment with temporary veneers that would look like their final porcelain veneers in the next appointment. The second treatment appointment a week after the first appointment is the teeth cementation. After receiving the porcelain veneers from the dental lab, the dentist is able to remove the temporary veneers and permanently cement the porcelain veneers on. During the last treatment appointment, the final review. The dentist will be able to adjust the veneers if needed by polishing it down, making the porcelain veneers agreeable to the patient.

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