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Composite Veneers Cost in SydneyComposite veneers are a part of restorative treatment as well as cosmetic dentistry. The use of the same material for filling and restorative procedure, composite is a white material made out of ceramic and plastic compounds. This material is mouldable and workable, mimicking the appearance of natural teeth. It is also light sensitive, hence the dentist needs to work in a low light setting and efficiently. This however does make the composite material an ideal resin to use for a direct veneer.

Composite veneer price in Sydney can vary.

Composite Veneers: Interest free payment plan from $30/week

To create natural looking composite veneers, and life changing smiles, the key factors are: quality of the composite material, technology, cosmetic dentist’s design, creative talent and artistic hands.

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We also do composite veneer repair which is around $250-$695 depending on the severity of the chip.

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There are a few factors before deciding if composite veneer is suitable for you and it is best to get a consultation from Sydney Dental Veneers to examine your case. Composite veneer needs minimal preparation work for your teeth. This however means the patient must have reasonably straight teeth before starting the procedure. The dentist may recommend you to do light orthodontic treatment prior to composite veneer if the individual’s teeth are too crooked.

Being a direct treatment, composite veneer can be achieved in one visit. The patient will be given a shade guide to decide what colour the end result will look like. Sometimes the dentist may do a mock up on a few teeth to demonstrate the shade, size and shape on the outcome of the composite veneer. The dentist will then prepare the teeth to provide a slight abrasive surface so the composite and the natural tooth will bond. After manipulating the composite material to the desired shape, size and length. The composite material will be set and hardened with a curing light. Once set, the dentist will be able to polish and adjust the composite veneers.

Composite veneers Sydney can be achieved with two methods, free hand or a laboratory plastic tray mould. The first method of being the most commonly used procedure is the free handed method, where the patient is able to get the composite veneer in one visit. For this method it is important to get a dentist who is experienced with composite veneer. The dentist will need to sculpt the composite veneer by hand and make good judgement on balance and symmetry for the veneers. However this method could also compliment the patient’s smile since the dentist is designing the veneer to suit each individual.

The other method of producing composite veneer is with a plastic tray mould. An impression of the patient’s teeth is taken and the dentist will do a mock up design on the impression model. This way the patient is able to see the final outcome for the composite veneer from a third person perspective. If they have any concerns or changes it can be altered on the model for the patient to view. Once happy with the design, the dental surgery will send it to a dental lab to make a plastic tray with special holes. These holes will enable the composite material to flow through and cover the front surface of the natural teeth.

Both methods achieve the same outcome, but it’s best to discuss with the dentist about your treatment so they can provide you the best treatment.


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