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Our In House Lab and Master Ceramists

Our dentists work closely and collaboratively with our in-house ceramists to deliver bespoke and brilliant smiles daily. Throughout that process, our ceramists have a prime focus on anterior (or front showing) porcelain restorations and understand the most modern techniques and craftsmanship, including precision millings.

Our ceramists have a minimum of 15 years of experience and have designed more than 2,000 smiles focusing on natural aesthetics, function and the longevity of our smile transformations.

Experience and familiarity with a wide range of cases are crucial when designing a perfect smile. Our ceramists have consistently created thoughtful and bespoke smiles for over a decade, working with patients throughout Australia.

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Creating personalised perfection daily

Many things need to be taken into account when creating a perfect smile. Our master ceramists focus on several factors when designing a bespoke smile. We will assess facial complexion and symmetry, smile width, the alignment of the teeth and bite, resting facial position and an array of other factors. Creating smiles that are functional and aesthetic is always our ultimate goal.

We understand that this will be your forever smile and something you have always wanted. Our team will work with you collaboratively every step of the way to help you achieve your dream smile.

During your smile transformation process, we will illustrate and insert a temporary smile hand-designed by your dentist and gather any feedback you have about the overall aesthetics and function of the teeth. Our master ceramist will then design your final veneers respecting that design.

After creating thousands of smiles with decades of experience, rest assured we will design a beautiful smile that reflects what you have always envisioned.

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We have completed more than 2000 smile transformations with this number growing daily.

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