Composite Veneers Before and After

How Composite Veneers Can Impact Your Life?

Over the years of creating new smiles through cosmetic dentistry and composite veneers, we have witnessed many life-changing and remarkable results. Patients really see the difference between their composite veneers before and after the treatment.

Let us walk you through the positive influence that these composite veneers have in the lives of our patients and how you can experience them, too!

First is the change in their smile. As a cosmetic dentistry procedure, composite veneers are made to enhance your smile through minor modifications to the size, shape, and length of your teeth. Patients who previously had awkwardly shaped teeth or unsightly tooth discolourations can now smile more confidently.

Composite veneers Sydney are also able to treat minor teeth gaps without having to go through dental braces. As you know, traditional dental braces involve metal in the mouth and this can look unattractive. But with composite veneers, our Sydney dentist needs only 1 to 3 appointments to fix your smile.

Then comes the impact of a beautiful smile on your confidence and overall mood. Studies show that patients who are satisfied with their smile generally have a better mood because they can smile and laugh more.

Social and professional situations are also more comfortable for the patient because they can speak without being conscious of their appearance.

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And lastly, the oral health status with composite veneers before and after the treatment is also quite remarkable. Because patients see and feel how the composite veneers have positively affected their lives, they are keener to maintain their smiles.

And to do that, they practice good oral hygiene and make frequent visits to the dentist.

Discover how composite veneers can help upgrade your smile and improve your quality of life! At Sydney Dental Veneer, our composite veneers cost is only $695 per tooth. These are the most affordable type of veneers that can really take your smile and confidence up a notch.

Our composite veneers teeth are made of quality and flexible polymer which guarantees a less invasive procedure with results that meet your expectations. And with great care, these composite veneers are made to last you up to 10 years.

Visit us today and find out what we can do for your smile!

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